in pursuit of the elusive "edited" wardrobe

I'm back and inspired again to blog after my girls trip to HK with my shopping buds J, J & P. It is my first "real" holiday in 3 years ever since E was born. "Real" in that it was a girls only therefore I didn't have any mummy responsibilities on the trip.

I knew even before I went on this trip that I really needed it, for a change of scene and just so I could step out of mummy mode for a little while. Am back and inspired to update my wardrobe after some cute buys from HK. I only spent two and a half proper days there and while I can be impulsive I'm usually quite a controlled shopper. So I didn't come back with a huge haul, but I'm happy with every piece that I got.

Here's a capture of the joint HK stash. Not everything is here though, only the bags & shoes (only 1 of the bags is mine btw. Click on the photo to enlarge)

HK haul

So, couple things I'd like to do following the trip:

1. (The main thing) Edit my wardrobe, I've already begun. (I crammed so many pieces in there that the clothes are creasing and I can't wear them!) It's time for a style update! I might do some "Shop My Closet" posts if I get round to taking pictures.

2. Post pictures of my HK buys

I have some other ideas for the blog but am still mulling over it. Something along the lines of listing down clothes/accessories/makeup etc that I use and like. Any suggestions? Leave a comment!


Flower said...
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vogue-sky said...

Love all the pics, fabulous style.