I want to be a K-pop star

(This is for you YJ & TL!)

Knowing my craze over k-drama & Korea in general, Kisu very thoughtfully bought tickets to Seoul'ed Out when he found out about the event. It was held last Saturday at Fort Canning Park. I think it's the first (and probably last) standing room only concert I have been to (excluding Ballet Under the Stars which I went to eons ago at the same venue). I say last because dammit my legs and back almost gave way after 3.5 hours of concert time. A trip to the zoo earlier in the afternoon (for a friend's daughter's bday party) with all the heat and walking around had rendered my legs jelly, which did not help matters.

We were not ready for the power of hallyu, man. There was a line snaking all the way from the park entrance to past the Battle Box. Took us 45 minutes of waiting in line (90% teenage girls, 5% ahjummas, 5% hapless men who accompanied girlfriends/wives/daughters etc) before we got into the venue. And there were already throngs of people in there watching and screaming at the giant screens erected on site. Yes, there would be loud screams whenever their favourite boy band appeared on screen. On screen, people. Not like they were live on stage!!! (And by the way, the aforesaid boy band - Shinee - wasn't even in the concert lineup!!)

I had been waiting in anticipation for the event and the biggest draws for me were Lee Hong-ki from FT Island and Kim Joon of T-Max (more infamously known as the group that sang 2009 hit Boys Over Flowers theme song, Almost Paradise). Both have acted in the recent kdramas that I have watched, Hong-ki in You're Beautiful and Kim Joon as Woo Bin, one of the F4 guys in BoF. I also know the Brown Eyed Girls from a song they sang for another drama OST, My Fair Lady and from watching too much Music Bank/KPops/Showbiz Extra etc on KBS World/Arirang.

Concert started at 8.30pm (we sat on the grass waiting for about 30 minutes) - once the MCs came onstage everyone just jumped up and surged toward the front. I was surrounded by teenaged girls (front) and boys (back). We were in a pretty decent spot, I guess about 10 metres or less from the stage so I could see the performers very clearly. Had to endure the fringe acts and some silly MC banter before the main performers came on at about 10pm.

Lee Ji Soo - I have no idea who he is but he apparently he contributed a track in the drama My Girl. He had the quintessential kot mi nam (pretty boy) look favoured by male artistes these days - fair, smooth skin, slight built, comfortably blinged out, looking vaguely androgynous and probably the only guy (or girl) I've seen to rock a short sleeved jacket.

T-Max: The crowd only really got excited when this act came on, no doubt because of Kim Joon, who played the part of F4 Woo Bin in BoF. He was very charming and relaxed - every time he waved or smiled (which was a lot) the girls would scream and wave madly. One of my favourite acts of the night because they looked like they were enjoying themselves thoroughly and lapping up all the attention from the crowd. The crowd went absolutely wild when they burst out with Almost Paaaaaaradise, the theme song from BoF. With pyrotechnics no less (See below).

Fight the Feeling, also on the BoF OST

FT Island: I think this was the crowd favourite. There were a multitude of screams for "Hong-ki! Hong-ki!". He looked totally Jeremy-like (his character in You're Beautiful) with his blonde weird bundled up hair which resembled devil horns, and red and black leopard print leggings. An energetic performance but despite how I love his Jeremy character, I didn't feel much love for Hong-ki and his prepubescent looking band mates. The rest of the acts all tried to speak a few phrases of English with their Singaporean fans (which I appreciate no matter how clumsy they sound or how apologetic they are) but not Hongki. MC had to translate for him.

One Word

Brown Eyed Girls
: Ooh I loved this act! I really wanted some slick dance moves and they were the only group that had it. Catchy tunes, cute girls, fun dancing. And Miryo had the best English (Mario doesn't count, he sounds totally American) and tried to give a decent speech to the fans.

They opened with "Sign".

And they sang Abracadabra, which I love - couldn't find a good one of them at Seoul'ed Out so this is another clip of their live performance. I want Ga-In's hairstyle!!! (She's the first one to sing. I also like Narsha's bob, but I think it might be a wig)

BEG closed the show, which ended at 11.30pm. As we were walking out cars were chauffeuring the artistes back to their hotel. We passed the car which Hong-ki was in, wah!

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