(online) retail therapy

I recently bought some stuff online (not clothes!). They're kind of cute and there are nice photographs of them to share - always a good addition to any post.

I first found decorette which sells decals on etsy but discovered that the seller is from Singapore and has a proprietary online store. I couldn't stop pouring over the designs and promptly ended up with 2 sets - the Rabbit ABCs for Ellis' room


and "Mirror Mirror on the wall" for my office.


The other 2 items are for Ellis - a handpainted carousel for her room (which also plays It's a Small World)

and a Hello Kitty pouch from Stephie's Shop. I gave her the pouch and she went "Kitty!" then "Apple!" and then "Um!" (i.e. Kitty eats the apple)

hello kitty pouch

And one final item, which I couldn't help but buy while making a delivery at Maternity Exchange - it can also be purchased online - the Pupsik Kapok Bolster! I got the one in Mocha Dots for Ellis. Kapok reminds me of my childhood pillow/bolster and Ellis seems to be liking it so far - she's been happily hugging it!


Stephie said...

so great that you blogged about the items! (: thank you!

Anonymous said...

The carousel is gorgeous! Can we expect a pic of Ellis' room with the items installed soon?


Anonymous said...
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