The Work Equation

I did it - whoo hoo, I managed another post on this blog!

No, seriously - what I did was to commit to office space after months of dreaming about having a place of my own.

The thought was always at the back of my mind to get some dedicated work space, but it seemed an unnecessary expense given that I'd managed to operate from home so far. And it's undoubtedly more convenient to work from home - especially because I have to multitask - work and take care of Ellis - any free time I had, I would try to squeeze some work in.

The price of convenience? My life became a blur of baby, work, chores - and bags of goods took over the study and invaded our living and dining areas.

And the worst - Kisu suffering from horrendous allergies since I started this business. It got progressively worse as the stockpile increased. Last weekend, after watching him sneeze endlessly, steriod spray himself silly, AND wake up countless times in the night due to a stuffy nose, I decided that something had to be done.

Ellis so far has not shown signs of allergies but the dust that comes with the goods can't be good for her.

So the hunt for an office space began.

And while I have always dreamed of working out of one of those ubercool shophouses (the space! the high ceiliings!) the reality of the situation is that it is waaaay too expensive and impractical.

I found a serviced office instead that was recommended by my corporate secretary.

We (yes, we - it was a family affair) viewed it on a Saturday, went back the very next day for a second viewing followed by me putting down a deposit to secure the space.

It's seriously mini, with obiang decor and miles away from what I envisioned (it doesn't even have windows!), but very importantly, there's a receptionist so I don't have to hang around all day (I can't) waiting for the courier to pick up my shipments. I can zip in, do my stuff and be outta there.

The other big pluses - it is near home and located in an industrial area which means my goods can be loaded and unloaded easily. (There's even complimentary kopi & biscuits in the pantry, and free fruit on Mondays "Fruit Day" but I digress...)


Rent a place = Commitment to Fixed Cost = Start running on the treadmill (i.e. chase sales) = Cannot be as relaxed as before

The work equation, all of a sudden, has changed quite drastically.


Toon said...

Congratulations on making a fixed cost committment- I guess another step closer to bigger things for DOTE! Gambatte!

dot said...

hi toony! thank you! i might try to post some pictures of the place...if I manage to get it looking half decent!

Saggs said...

Congrats,dear! It's good news! Yes, post pix! I even want to see how the receptionist looks! :P Yes, I'm 'bo liao' that way...