Of course I'm blogging only because there's something else I'm trying to avoid. Work, namely.

Procrastination is all relative with me - I take the path of least resistance.

Anyway, let's talk about some fun stuff (for me) since I'm in the mood to blog.

As much work as there is to be done, there's the prospect of moving into the new office that I'm looking forward to. Spent far too much time at IKEA his past week browsing for office furniture, not entirely by choice.

The service office comes with tables and chairs, but the tables are pretty dreary so I told the landlord to remove them. I have some spare tables at home that I can use, but I did need some sort of shelving solution for the goods. Off to IKEA I went.

Trip #1 - Recce trip to Alexandra to figure out what I needed. Decided on the IVAR shelves (IKEA having annual clearance sale but naturally what I wanted to buy was not discounted)

Trip #2 - IKEA Alexandra, again. I was there sharp at 10am, right when they opened. I picked up some plastic bins, tested them on the IVAR display. Armed with calculator and measuring tape - I sat down at the planning table to work out the optimised configuration and the number of units of each component I needed. Headed for the self-serve section (IKEA insists on you picking up the items yourself even if you plan to get them delivered) only to discover that IVAR side units are OUT.OF. STOCK.

IKEA guy asked me to check the Tampines branch stock by calling the Customer Service hotline (I asked him if he can help me check his system but his excuse is that the systems at the 2 branches are not connected - he was helpful enough to give me the hotline and SKU number). I call and am assured by the friendly operator that Tampines has the item I need.

Trip #3 - IKEA Tampines: went bright an early on my own..long drive but saving grace was free parking. And lots of space. Hit the self serve again; went straight for the IVARS. I am a woman on a mission. Hauled a bunch of the precious stuff onto my cart. IKEA guy sees me and tells me that there is this teeny little problem of a supporting component called the cross brace which is OUT.OF.STOCK. I ask if the delivery people can bring one along when they deliver it next Monday. He says no. I say, Can we assemble the shelf first and put on the brace later? No. cannot. Must buy before delivery. Okaaaaay - looks like it's back to Alexandra (Curses!!!!!)

Service here is better though. Guy sees I'm struggling to push the heavily laden cart so he helps me to the checkout area. He even calls customer service to help me check if Alexandra has stock of the cross brace, except that he can't get through, so I end up having to call them again. He's a cheerful and nice chap, compared with the sullen soul at Alexandra.

Whatever, at this point I am just happy that I sucessfully managed to purchase something and arrange a delivery. I might actually have some semblence of an office by next week!

Trip #4 - IKEA Alexandra, today. Went with Ellis after school to pick up the cross brace. Finally!

During the course of the day, I arrange to meet a friend for lunch next week.

She messages me "Let's meet at IKEA. Need to buy storage boxes."

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I like Ikea, Dotty!!!