hello, I'm still around. i haven't abandoned this blog. if you're reading this, thank you for checking in despite the long absence.

it's just been so long that i don't even know where to start. 

the last few entries have been sporadic and spotty - not really posts. the longer you stop, the harder it is to start.

but I'm glad that i actually made it back today. I miss writing and recording my thoughts and events, no matter how random or insignificant.

Free time is such a precious commodity these days - I never realised how much of it I had in the past and how much I frittered away.  The luxury of spending hours and hours in front of the PC surfing, blogging, emailing.  With limited time, things get prioritised and unfortunately blogging often ends up at the bottom of that list.

Naturally much has happened in the time I've been away. I have a terrible memory so I'm not even going to try to remember so that I can post all of it. What I can tell you is that top of my mind these days is work. I check email at every chance I get.  I try to do something work related if I have a free minute. It's hard to stop and not think about it.

Dote has taken off in a good way, a way that I had hoped for but did not really expect. At the same time, there are issues and problems. I'm thrilled but also can't help but worry.

I worry that it's a temporary thing. I worry that I'm going to make a terrible mistake that will send everything down the drain.  I worry about sales.  I worry about production.  I worry too much.

I have good days and bad days. There's so much to learn and understand. I'm not sure about the decisions I make, I constantly wonder if I'm doing something wrong. There are so many mistakes to be made.  I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that mistakes are inevitable and problems will always exist and sometimes I need to just "whack" first and see how later.

I've also had to think about what I want to do with Dotted Line. I hesitated a long time; wondered if I should even write about it here but the logical conclusion is that I will have to close it. Running 2 labels, 2 businesses doesn't make sense but at the same time a part of me hopes it can carry on.

Perhaps it is the late hour, or that I've been away too long, but I seem to be in a terribly reflective mood tonight. It feels good to be back :)

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Saggs said...

Welcome back. U've been missed on this blog.