Dote Photoshoot

On Location
Carrie Dress

In the Studio
Cape Dress


Selena said...

Yay! Pictures at last! Wow. She makes the dresses look really good :) I almost wish I were still nursing... almost.

Anonymous said...

Hi these dresses look amazing! When are they available to buy?

dot said...

anon: hi there. the dresses are part of an upcoming collection for Dote, my label for nursing women. The new styles will be available from next week on www.dotestudio.com

Anonymous said...

Hi anon again! Thanks for the reply I love your dote nursing tops and cant wait to buy some of the dresses. It is so nice to be able to wear normal looking and fashionable nursing clothes so thank you!

Beat said...

your dresses are lovely! I feel like wearing them even though I'm not nursing :p