it's been a while

A quick update on what I have been up to. 

I just finished a photo shoot for Dote yesterday, which was another whole day affair. Each time I finish a shoot I sleep very well - it's a combination of being in the heat, running around, relief from stress that tends to build up towards the shoot.

I learn something new each time - This may sound obvious, but I used to be of the opinion that a model's looks were priority - does she have the right look for the brand?  Posing can be taught/directed.   Now I know never to underestimate the difference a model who knows her stuff can make. She can pose well, is versatile, knows her best angles, and needs minimal direction from the photographer. What this means is fewer NG shots, time saved and smoother execution, not to mention getting some really good shots. What they say on America's Next Top Model is starting to make sense now!!!

I was most worried about the weather as I always am with location shoots. I've had to cancel shoots midway because of rain and reschedule. It's a pain not to mention expensive. You have to rebook the model, the photographer, the makeup artist.  This time, I had been checking the forecasts in the days leading up and there was a 50 - 70% chance of rain in the late morning/early afternoon. Thank goodness it didn't - it was actually scorching and I got sunburnt instead.

I was like in total awe of Irma, our model. She busted out all these poses and looked like some kind of superstar as she triapsed around the Padang in her sky high heels. Tourists wanted to take pictures with her! 

It was also fun 'cos Kisu, who was tasked with baby sitting Ellis for the day decided to drop by "on location". So she got to run around in the great outdoors and I got to see my little girl as I worked. Ellis also became a tourist attraction of sorts - some Indian tourists, fascinated by a Singaporean baby grabbed her for photos.

I relaxed once we were done with the outdoor shots and headed back to the studio. This was the first time I was trying out doing product shots on a live model, rather than on my trusty mannequin like I always have. I'm sold - the results were so much more professional and it didn't take all that long (see point again about having a good model, and working with good people). Lawrence, the photographer nailed each shot, and Irma just kept whipping out those poses. And I was very pleased with how the hair and makeup turned out.

All in all, it was a very good day. I can't wait to see the final shots.


Selena said...

I can't wait either!!!

Sally said...

The photos must be great!Looking forward to see your new clothing photos.