little did i know

i thought i could breath again once i sent the mailer. boy was i wrong. I'd been waiting and waiting to finish the site update and send out a mailer announcing the new collection, big sale and new look of the site.

and then I thought I could get back to blogging, posting pictures etc - the entire backlog of stuff that I'd been waiting to do.

Well I finally got the site up to a decent enough condition for me to send the big mailer last evening. One minute later I got swamped by online orders that have continued throughout today. I just finally managed to catch up on responding to orders, and can now say that I'm on top of the situation.

I'm not complaining though! I'm grateful and overwhelmed by the response. Perhaps I cut my prices a little too much? It's the craziest I've seen since the Envirosax sales last Christmas.

Anyways, I'm so glad to have sold off the bits and bobs - random sizes here and there. If you have time, do drop by and see if you can score yourself a bargain!

I'm off to tag clothes - argh!

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