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OK folks, introducing the SHOP MY CLOSET series.

In a bid to ruthlessly purge my closet, I'm putting up some items from my closet for sale. According to professional wardrobe declutterers - the rule of thumb for keeping an item in your wardrobe is 1) You must love it and 2) You must wear it.

So I'm going to purge the stuff that I love but don't wear too often. I have a terrible tendency to hold on to my stuff for far too long - but its time to move on!

I'll be putting up more items for sale along the way - don't worry Drastic Measures is NOT turning into a sale blog! If you don't like this sort of thing, just avoid reading the next few posts. But if you're a closet voyeur and want to score some cheap and stylish (I hope you think so) finds, do check back.

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