Press Alert! Dotted Line in Dolce Magazine

We are in the inaugural issue of Dolce magazine :) Two full pages somemore.

Dolce Oct2008

Dolce Oct2008

Dolce Oct2008

A handbook for the modern working woman, Dolce is FREE and released every last Thursday of the month! Whee! I got mine directly from the publisher, but you can also find it at various cafes like Dome and they are also given out free at selected central areas of Singapore.


astrorainfall said...

Congrads! I really like your dresses.

Koh Lily said...

does dolce magazine an online website?

bernne said...

hie, i was wondering if you could help me out. I've a question but would rather ask you via emai. i was trying to find your email but to no avail. please drop me an email at straitmooks@gmail.com

thanks much!

rainbow said...

hihi, may i know which part of central areas can i get a copy of Dolce Magazine? Does it mean tt i can get a copy at Dome cafe?

dot said...

hi rainbow, i don't have the full list of places the magazine is available at. should be at dome though.

rainbow said...

ok.. if u manage to spot it any where do let me know.. thanks in advance.. =)