[SOLD] Mannequin


Hi everyone - I'm putting up one of my mannequins for sale.


This is the very first mannequin I bought and I spent a considerable amount of time looking for it because I wanted a proper dress form that could be used not just for display purposes but also for dressmaking.

Unlike display mannequins (which are covered in jersey/knit fabric and come without any markings for draping and pattern making), this one is closer to a professional dressmaker's form that I used in design school.

+ Covered in high quality muslin
+ Pinnable Surface (generous padding underneath)
+ Clear line markings e.g. centre front, neckline, armhole, bust and waist darts for draping and pattern making
+ Adjustable height for flexibility
+ Dismantles into 2 parts - torso and base for easy storage/transport
+ Wooden tripod base and finish chrome pole
+ Lightweight


+ Shoulder - shoulder (widest part) 14.5"
+ Bust 33.5"
+ Waist 24.5"
+ Hips 34.5"

I have had it for close to 2 years and it is very clean and in EXCELLENT condition because I hardly use it (my sample sizes ended up being slightly smaller than its dimensions). I paid about $200 for it but I'm letting it go for $80 self collect.

If anyone is interested in buying it, please email me at dorothyloh@gmail.com.

I've got one more sewing related item for sale coming up :)




Side seam

Side Bust




Neck Front

Neck Back

Underneath the torso. The brown stuff is glue - this is the original condition it came in.


Stand 1

Stand 2

Stand 3

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Ruby said...

Hi, I'm looking for a place here in Singapore to buy a Dressform. I have only found Spotlight. But its really expensive. Is there any other place that sells a dress form? Even if its 2nd hand.