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following my previous post i thought it might be fun to post pics of some of my vintage pieces. I'm trying to follow some sort of theme here - I think it's so much more interesting that way. let's see how long I can keep this up!

Here are two vintage dresses that I got as a gift.





They have been sitting in my wardrobe for years but I refuse to give them away - I had the polka dotted one altered because it was too big, but I never got round to wearing them. I've taken them out numerous times in an attempt to wear out, but just couldn't seem to get the look right. If I had the chance to go to Fashion Nation's 2nd anniversary party (party theme: Wear that item you never dared to!), I would probably have worn one of these.

Skirt from Oppt Shop



Clutch from Swirl. I love this clutch, especially the shiny patent material and gunmetal colour. I feel like a lady when I carry it! Sadly I don't get to use it very much because I usually need a giant bag to hold all my stuff. So only for special occasions.




I wanted to post one final item - the most vintage of them all - a blue velvet cropped blazer that I got from House of Japan for less than $10. But I must have given it away (it was kinda grotty and the lining was fallling apart) 'cos I can't find it now! Anyway, I wore that only once I think when I was an adventurous design student.

And one final pic - not vintage, but of the skirt I bought recently and posted about before. With tank from Marks & Spencer and my current most favourite-st shoes from Pedder Red. Other accessory: Baby Ellis.

All Black


Stephie said...

Your vintage collection is really elegant, especially the dresses!

The Fashion Bible said...

Wear the second pokka dot vintage dress with a red belt? It's really too lovely to be sitting in your closet.

sundaygoods said...

if you ever decide to let them go, give me a ring! :D I love love love the dresses!

Esther said...

hey! i have a black skirt very similar to your drapey one - but mine is a little shorter, from mphosis. could NOT figure out what to wear it with... it just didn't seem to go with anything. will try a black tank like what you wore in the pic.

btw, love your review on the emmy outfits :)

Saz said...

have u seen http://www.frockmevintagefashion.com/ ?? They're in the states,but their markets (boo..can't get them online now) have really nice stuff.

I'm really into '50s-style dresses now...so elegant! Think Charlotte in SATC...

astrorainfall said...

Love the red leaves on the white pleated skirt.

Saggs said...

Absolutely LOVE the polkie dottie dress. Wear it out already!

dot said...

esther - try the skirt with a loose-ish drapey tank top - i think the volume will make the look more modern than my tank top pairing. I wasn't 100% happy with the tank top but didn't find anything else that looked half decent with the skirt!

wrt to the vintage dresses - i think part of my problem i'm having with them is the proportions. i've altered them once, but i think they're still a little too big/long on me. totally throws off the look - i think i'm going to have to put them through another round of alterations before i try them again. but thank you for the tips - fashionbible I'm going out this weekend to look for a red belt!