I went to my dentist today - not my favouritest thing to do, but I hadn't gone in more than a year. I was scheduled for the usual checkup and cleaning. The worst I was expecting was a cavity. I hold my breath as my dentist inspects my teeth. He peers into my mouth and declares that my top right wisdom tooth is growing sideways and impacting my other teeth. It needs to be removed. ASAP. Crap. I decide to have it out, immediately.

After anaesthetic and before placing his shiny scary looking plier like device in my mouth, he states in his characteristic quiet manner, "You'll feel some pressure." The nurse steps behind and places both her hands on either side of my head to hold it down. No kidding!

Five minutes and a lot of leg shaking later, I walk out with numbed gums and a gauze plugging the bloody wound. That was the last of my wisdom teeth.

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