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I browse occasionally through fashion blogs like the popular The Sartorialist and Fashion is Spinach, but of late, I've been a regular reader of two local fashion blogs, Swirl Girls from my friends at Swirl and Fashion Nation, by Stephie and Dottie.

They're extra fun to read not just because they are written by real people I know or have met, but also because these ladies truly make an effort and creatively (read: no need for top to toe designer labels) enjoy fashion in a country known for its national costume of tank top and flip flops.

Even better, many of the items they sport come from familiar brands which are completely accessible (location and price wise) so it gives one the hope that one could be just as stylish without breaking the bank.

It all started with this post by Stephie on a topic close to my own heart - shoes! There's something deliciously voyeuristic about peeking into someone else's wardrobe, and a collection of anything is always fun. Obviously I wasn't the only one similarly inspired - because soon after, I had fun checking out evelyn, zann & pris' shoes.

I also like Swirl's little themed shoots - like their recently launched "Take 5" where they showcase 5 random items from their wardrobe.

I was inspired to do something similar - I'd really like to post my shoes but I haven't worked up the energy to drag all of them out of their boxes, line them up neatly and trying to take shots of them with the risk of a baby crawling all over - & possibly chewing on them. So I decided to post other stuff instead - hopefully this will be a warm up of sorts.

So, presenting - some newly acquired items (& one not so) from my wardrobe. I don't have much time to shop for clothes nowadays, so when I am able to (yesterday!) and can find something I like, I guess it's a rare occasion.

I bought this CK dress almost 2 years ago but wore it for the first time last weekend. Reason? I bought it before I got pregnant but by the time I wanted to wear it my enlarged pregnant bustline no longer fit into the dress! And you would think it's the perfect pregnancy dress. I don't usually buy stuff from CK, but I somehow wandered in while shopping with a friend and bought this on impulse. It's not the usual silhouette I would choose - and it was quite pricey. But there's something almost architectural in quality about it that I like, yet with a softness from the asymmetric wrap in front.


Wearing it somehow led to me buying my next item:



It's a navy jersey babydoll from GG5. It's kinda sacklike but I was intrigued by the construction and artistic flaps. In any case. to quote Stephie "Must clothes be absolutely flattering? After so long, I don’t buy that anymore. I want clothes to be fierce, jarring, different." I'm quite surprised by how much I agree with her statement. (And that's baby Ellis fiddling with my shoes. She quite likes shoes, and so far seems to have more affinity for her Dad's shoes than mine)

Next - jacket from GG5 and a top worn as skirt from Dorothy Perkins. The jacket was a steal for about $60 (it's lined and nicely tailored) and I like how it's structured and Japanese inspired. I would probably wear it with a skinny belt to hold the front in place because I don't like it with the front panels open. You can see the sleeve details in the next photo.



The "skirt" is a top I think - but I like it as a skirt. And it's so comfortable!

So far it looks like I'm liking a whole lot of volume, draping and shades of black/navy/grey.


Stephie said...

I like that last skirt! (:

Maybe you can try to wear your maternity clothes differently as well, get more mileage out of them!

dot said...

hi stephie! thanks for dropping by - actually i survived on mainly non maternity stuff during pregnancy, thanks to all the voluminous blouses and dresses around. don't like the typical maternity silhouette (weird how i say this and have those 2 dresses in my post) so i got creative with non-maternity as maternity wear instead :)

Evelyn said...

I just tried the GG5 jacket in white two days ago and was seriously tempted to get it! Maybe I really should!

dot said...

get it - i really like the details on it! i saw the white one too but ended up with black. don't know why but seem to be on a black streak recently.

pinktuutuu said...

omg, im loving your new buy(s)! the dress from GG5 is amazingly cute (those peter pan collar, how come i didn't see them!)! and the skirt/top! been looking for a skirt that drapes like that for the longest time. I found a dress in that kind of drape from forever21 just yesterday!

dot said...

hi pinktuutuu...hehe the GG5 dress was the last piece in the store! and forever 21 is one of my favourite places to shop :)

Nicole Then said...

ooh nice! love the skirt. looks comfy