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I accidentally caught snippets of the emmys red carpet - happened to turn the telly on while taking care of ellie. Only caught bits here and there but from what I saw, here is my take:


Heidi Klum in Armani Prive

I think this must be my absolute favourite of the night because it's so different from the typical look worn on the red carpet - it's modern and dramatic but not in a fluffy ballgown way. I love grey, I love one shouldered, I love capes - very little for me not to like.


Brooke Shields in Badgley Mischka

I'm not a fan of Brooke Shields, fuschia or Badgley Mischka, but somehow this dress works for me. I think it's the soft ruffles and train - although I don't like the other dress by the same designer (see below).


Marcia Cross in Elie Saab Haute Couture

I think that the lace flower overlay could be a little more subtle, but overall this is such a beautiful, dreamy look. And tulle - how can one not love anything tulle! I have yet to fall in love with an Elie Saab dress but in this case, love the unexpected bronze-y, rose gold colour that just works so well with her red hair and fair skin. I also like that it's not full length, and still looks right for this event. I almost feel as if a sweeping gown would be a little too much for the Emmys - it seems much more Academy Awards appropriate. (Again, don't like so much the other dress by this designer - below)


Cynthia Nixon in Calvin Klein

Ooh another favourite of mine - love the seafoam colour and that it's simple but not boring. And I love Cynthia Nixon - how can I not since she's part of SATC? (Thought it looked better on TV than here though)


The ones I didn't like so much (although they all made the Best Dressed Lists):

Eva Longoria in Marchesa

I think she can look so much better than this. Although the fashion experts were raving about the giant bow on her dress, declaring it "flapper-esque" - it's just not doing it for me. Something about her hairdo and makeup isn't helping either (is it me or does her face look different?). I'm not a big fan of her red carpet looks - she has a tendency to wear stuff that I find overly fussy and shiny.


Evangeline Lilly in Elie Saab

Again, another too-shiny and fussy look. I didn't see this on TV though, so maybe it looks better on TV then in the photo (though I'm not overly optimistic)?


Hayden Panettiere in Badgley Mischka

There's nothing really bad about this dress except that I think it looks a little blah. Also, I think she could have gone for something a little more age appropriate - maybe a pop of colour or a shorter, more fun and flirty dress. The make up and hairdo were aging too. Watching her on the red carpet, she just looked really uncomfortable the entire time.


I haven't seen the worst dressed lists yet, so there may be a part two to this. I'm looking forward to catching the Fashion Police episode of the Emmys on E! tomorrow. Oh, and all this while, I have yet to catch the actual Emmys!

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Saz said...

actually i really like the sunny yellow ones worn by Teri Hatcher and Mariska Hargitay. And DEFINITELY Marcia Cross's dress!