excuse me, are you a model?

Am blogging to take the edge off. The past few weeks have been a little more stressful than usual - there's a lot of juggling going on - production and photoshoot related. I've already had a couple screw ups around the model casting which have yet to be resolved, and also managing the production schedule.

Most factories are booked up end of year for the Christmas/ holiday rush - my current one can't deliver within my timeframe so had to look for alternatives last minute.

Anyways...the issues are ongoing - but on to more fun stuff. I recently had to submit a photograph for a Dote ad that I'm placing - but the deadline for submission was before my photoshoot, so how?

I got to play model, and poor drugged-up Kisu (who was sick over the weekend) was forced to be the photographer. Didn't even bother with makeup since I already decided that my face wouldn't be shown (not that it would have helped much anyways). We dragged furniture all around the place trying to get a decent shot - my initial idea was of me standing and holding Ellis, but it turned out too tricky trying to get both me AND the baby looking good i.e. not rumpled or scruffy, which is pretty hard!

The dress kept getting scrunched up and falling the wrong way, and knowing how to position ones limbs in a flattering way is really not that easy. Ah, now I can truly appreciate America's Next Top Model. Kisu took several hundred shots in half an hour - I'm not kidding - and it was hard to find one where the dress could be seen clearly, my head didn't look too chopped off & weird looking and my hands weren't doing anything funny. In some of the shots, Ellis was at my feet pulling at my shoes!

The photo above is what I picked in the end - ok, I admit to photoshopping my arms (using "Liquify" - thanks to Xiaxue's online tutorial) I tried on my legs too but ended up with a wriggly line for my calf, so that went down the drain. It's homemade but I think not too bad considering it's a homeshot photo...I'm most happy with the colour, which I adjusted in Photoshop too.

And in case you're wondering - that is a dress from the first Dote collection and one of my personal favourites. You can't see it very well in the pic but it has a very pretty curved hem :)


Alicia said...

hi hon, it's a fabulous shot! you should seriously consider modelling more of the dote stuff yourself.

and - i'd like one of that dress in every colour, please!

dot said...

heh - no more, not if i can help it!

Selena said...

you look lovely in that dress :) hey, i was just thinking that you should reprise that retro wrap dress you did for dotted line, and make a nursing wear version...

Olivia said...

u look good!

I am "B" said...

Hey Dorothy! I'm echoing what everyone else have already said but YEAH! You looked darn good! And I'm def gonna be shopping at yours if and when #2 comes along! The dress is inspiration enough to go persevere & go through the whole bf-ing nightmare again! hahaha!