Press Alert! Dotted Line in Elle Magazine

Our Scallop Dress in red is featured in July 'o8 issue of Elle Singapore!

I didn't know about it till I chanced upon the page while getting my haircut at the salon.

I went to the nearest bookstore to look for the magazine as I keep all press copies, but they didn't seem to have it. Maybe 'cos it's already the second half of July. If there's any kind soul out there who happens to have the issue and is willing to send me a scanned copy, do let me know!


I am "B" said...

Hey Dorothy! You're in luck?! I happen to work in a media agency so I MAY be able to find the Jul-08 issue of Elle.. Let me hunt around if I can get my hands on one, will keep it for u.. :-)

Saz said...

Hi Dot!

It's Sarah- thot I'd pop by and say Hi since E-Gene told me you contacted him on FB. Love yr clothes - wish I could fit into them post-baby! Sigh... ;-)

bluebubble said...
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dot said...

hi bluebubble - that would be great - is there an email addy I can get you at - or can you drop me a line dorothyloh@gmail.com so we can arrange?