I think we're making some progress here...

The photographers are pretty much finalised (or shortlisted). I've got a couple models up for consideration, so that's progress somewhat, I hope.

I've been kinda mucking around lately - kind of just skimming the surface, but not getting anything concrete done really. It's irritating me to no end but I just haven't seemed to be able to get out of the rut.

Some time back I was pretty productive - I worked on the Dote website every free moment I had, but maybe I got a mini burnout somewhere along the line. I had some problems installing the shopping cart and things haven't moved on very much since. Bleah.

Aside from that, I'm midway through Fashion Babylon, which is supposed to be an expose of the cutthroat fashion business. It's been pretty fun so far!

My other daily dose of entertainment - watching channel 8's beach.ball.babes (Kisu laughed out loud when I told him the title) It's been a while since I got hooked on a channel 8/U drama - the last was Huang Jin Lu sometime end of last year. Anyways - I probably started watching from episode 3 or so and have not missed any since! It's coming to an end this friday though :( Here the girls are made to go marketing at Tiong Bahru market for losing some challenge (familiar scene eh)

There's something about watching a chinese drama - it's such predictable fluff - the lines, the storyline, the level of entertainment one can expect...this one has christopher lee playing a 29 year old rich playboy named pierre (!) sporting a louis koo-like tan and overly oiled torso - mediacorp should really just allow him to act his age, the poor man. (although to his credit his crows feet seem to have diminished). The plot includes the inevitable love triangles, best friends turned enemies etc.

And much as I'm not a big fan of the Chinese accent, have to confess that I find Chinese actor Cui Peng quite cute in the show. Enough for me to actually search for the show on mediacorp's website so I could find out who he is! My Chinese is so bad that I can't read the credits fast enough. But even if I could I doubt I could recognise the characters that make up his name!

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