Dote hangtag

I am pleased - I was literally hopping around with excitement when these arrived on Monday.

Now I have tags and namecards for Dote! (Thanks to Su Ling of pupsik for the design!)

Have to confess that I bought the ribbon for the tags a loooong time ago. So I finally got to dig the roll out to thread the tags :) There's a fair bit of repetitive action (measure-cut-thread-knot) and it gives me a blister on one of my fingers but it's pretty therapeutic. This is what happens when you're a one woman show (despite all the "we" on the shop website...)

Non-nursing or non-moms - I know all the posts lately have been skewed towards Dote - but not to worry, Dotted Line has not been forgotten! Even as you read this much work is going on for the new collection. Yup, new stuff is baking - which means more Dotted Line tags are needed..

Back to the grind!


laissezfaire said...

I looovee it! Not saying that becos it is my design. You have put everything very beautifully together. The perfect client! =))

Anonymous said...

where you make the tag?