The Hunt is On....

...for a photographer and model for the Dote line.

I called up some agencies to ask about model booking fees. And surprise surprise - waaaay out of my budget! On top of the booking fee which somewhere in the region of $1000 for a half day shoot, there is a media loading fee - an added cost that you pay which depends on where the photos appear. For a website, that's $3000. More if it appears in print. And it's for one year only. Crikey!

So I'm now looking for a freelance model or even a friend/friend of a friend to help. Shouldn't look too young (can't be unbelievable as a mum), slim and preferably at least 1.65m and above. If you know someone who fits the bill and wouldn't mind the experience - do let me know!


Thank you all who so kindly forwarded me photographs and recommended friends. Dozens of portfolios and 1 FHM babe later, I am happy to report that the model casting is closed and photographers chosen!


aquaeccentric said...

TRY Clubsnap.org

Candice Natalie said...
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