Sex & The City

I've been reminded to update my blog. (J, I hope this gives you at least 15 minutes of entertainment in the office...)

Of late, I spend more time reading other blogs than working on my own.

There's obviously a lot of backlog but I'll start with the latest - Sex & the City The Movie.

I'm SO glad I managed to catch this at the cinema - it's the first movie I've watched on the big screen since Ellis came along. I am a big SATC fan, so I was dying to watch it, but resigned myself to waiting for the DVD when I found out that it was going to show only after my pregnancy.

But when the movie trailers started airing and with all the pre-opening hype, I had such a bad itch to watch it. I decided that if I couldn't find anyone to watch it with me, I would totally go on my own for a weekday late night movie (baby would be asleep, I wouldn't be needed and Kisu would be home with her just in case)

But Kisu generously offered to babysit so I could have a (half) day out with my girlfriends. With some planning and coordination (had to time the movie between feeds) I managed to catch the Sunday morning screening with my SATC kakis Juliana & Jackie. Even managed to have lunch after - it was really a luxury.

So, the movie.

A little like meeting an old friend after a long time - there's lots of anticipation but also the slight apprehension if things are going to be the same. The reviews I'd read were mostly positive, but I tried not to get my expectations too high.


1. The movie is not the same as the series

Perhaps an obvious point - but one I shall make nonetheless. I LOVE the series but the movie was OK for me only. I can't help but compare endlessly. The series, to me is near perfect - clever writing, snappy storyline, candid treatment of issues.

The movie being a movie was a little too slick and glossy for my liking. I had a sinking feeling from the opening sequence that tried to cover what happened over the 6 seasons in 8 seconds.

There were flashes reminiscent of the series like the coffeeshop "colouring" scene - but these were few and far between.

2. The men

Mr Big (John James Preston) - actually looks more delish than in the series, despite the showings of a paunch (accentuated by his wedding suit cummerbund). Much fewer smirks in the movie - something which annoyed me throughout SATC the series.

Smith - should either have his hair long (when he first met Samantha) or buzz cut (solidarity during Sam's chemo hair fallout). His in between hairstyle does nothing for him. He must also be spending too much time in the LA sun - despite being the youngest of the SATC men, his skin is looking a tad leathery.

Steve - ages ALOT. He looks positively Ah- Pek when he confesses his infidelity to Miranda. And what's with the grandpa sweater? (marriage counselling scene) If cheating on your wife does this to you - men, be warned.

Harry - looks exactly the same. Maybe the key to agelessness is to have no hair.

3. The clothes

SJP's clothes are always good or at least interesting, as usual. Two things stood out for me - those gladiator heels and a studded belt that appeared in several scenes.

The parade of wedding dresses masquarading as a photoshoot was just an excuse for product/designer placement. Did not like.

Bridesmaid's Outfits: Miranda - Worst - what's with the jewelled hairpin and giant earrings. Overkill. Charlotte - Best. Eternally classic in black and subtle jewellery. I also thought the girls were a little too dressed up for a Mexican resort.

4. Favourite scenes

Samantha naked and covered in sushi, waiting for Smith to find her.

The emotionally raw scenes - Carrie hitting Mr Big. Carrie clutching at Charlotte. Carrie fighting with Miranda over Valentine's Day Dinner.

5. Randomness

Carrie & Big & the Wedding No Show - AGAIN?!

What's with the bird in the hair?

When Miranda & Steve got married, did Brady Hobbes become Brady Brady?

How come the fashion show looked so bad?

Jennifer Hudson - thought I wouldn't like her in the movie, but she was surprisingly low key and endearing. Although her storyline with boyfriend Will was too sugar coated (they break up; meet again; he realises she's the love of his life; they get engaged; she gets a big rock?)

Stanford & Anthony? Who are they kidding?!

M18 rating - curses for hacked-up sex scenes.

What's this about the show being SJP-centric? She's the only one on the posters & "Get Carried Away"?? . I know she's on the production team, but SATC has always been about the four women together and SJP should not be led to believe otherwise. It's not Carrie, supported by her 3 sidekicks. Asked to pick a favourite over post movie lunch, I couldn't because they are to me, a team. The press has highlighted Kim Catrall as holding up the movie over money, but if the poster is any reflection of how much they got paid vs SJP, I am totally behind her.

Did I really want to see another Bigcan'tcommit-Ican'tdothis-Carrie-whydoIdothistomyself chapter?

Find out that Steve (the sweet & cuddly guy who charms our resident love cynic) cheats on Miranda?

Watch Charlotte have her fairytale ending as she miraculously conquers the last frontier of her perfect life - her infertility?

See Samantha dump Smith for her old ways and adopt a humping b***h as companion?

Let's say that there was hope where none should be given and none where there should have been.

End of the day it's like eating that second helping of dessert - you want to prolong the pleasure, but wish you'd stopped at one when you're done.

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