Placeholder Page Madness


I have spent literally the entire day trying to figure out how to create a mail form from scratch with CGI (?!!!)

When I first got hold of the domain for Dote, Yahoo provided a free but bare bones placeholder page - it's basically a fancy name for an "Under Construction" page.

Finally when I decided that I could deal with the ugliness no more (you can't put in images, change fonts etc). - it just had to be replaced. So after months of dragging my feet, I finally did up the webpage design which was fairly easy and started looking around for a web hosting provider to host my site on.

Endless searching on the Web yielded conflicting reviews. I was all ready to settle on one when I would read a post like "XYZ SUCKS! NEVER host with them...." You get the idea. I went with A Small Orange, a small indie firm - even if they did seem to have downtime problems they had consistently good feedback on support. Their site was fairly straightforward and uncluttered unlike some of the other sites that looked very commercialised.

I got the nameservers changed, set up the CPanel - that was quite quick - but got stuck at the damn HTML form. It's a basic (you would think) form we are all familar with - one field only for an email address and a submit button. In theory and from what you read on Dreamweaver help it sounds simple enough. You draw a box for the field and then set up the mail to function. But then later I find out that there's this CGI setup that needs to be done on the host end before the form will be sent to my email. Oh I can't even elaborate - it's like living it all over again; I feel so tired.

Enough talk - here it is all done and tested 735,5465 times. (I think I have RSI from clicking "Sign Up" too many times)


laissezfaire said...

The background wallpaper you chose is lovely. I can totally imagine the amount of work you are putting into this. Beautiful!

dot said...

hi su ling! so nice of you to drop by - glad you like the look of the site so far and the tags - this coming from you is a great compliment!