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Siu Yoke

Any one has a good recipe for sio bak/siu yoke/shao rou?

It's one of my favourite foods so I tried replicating it at home now that we have an oven.

I used this one but I oversalted the meat and the skin didn't turn out crackling or crispy enough. Looked good but didn't taste great.

Kisu has recently been bitten by the cooking bug. It all started with him browsing and buying the book How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman.

Then came the Le Creuset cookware - thank goodness it's GSS season otherwise the damage would have been worse. I love the spatulas from Le Creuset!

He's turned out roasts - beef (below) and pork, borscht, cesaer salad, mayonnaise, salsa, mushroom soup - everything from scratch.

roast beef

roast beef 2



He's the ang moh food cook at home. Me, I prefer my Chinese/Asian stuff.

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