*ring ring*

dot: hello

housing agent: ms dorothy?

d: speaking

ha: we have a new development XYZ launching and would like to invite you to the VIP preview

d: what are the size of the apartments?

ha: $1XXX to $1XXX psf

d: no, the size

ha: $1XXX to $1XXX psf. Special price, VIP preview only.

d: no, the size. I want to know the size of the apartments.

ha: oh! the size....XX to 1300 sf

d: that's too small. we are looking for something larger. No thank you.

ha: in that case, how about I email you when another suitable development comes up. what's your email?

d: d-o-r-.....@gmail.com


d: *repeat email add*

ha: OK. At what?

d: gmail

ha: EE - Mail?

d: No. Gmail. GEEEEE-MAIL.

ha: EEEE- mail?

d: (sighing) Ya. That's right. email. Can? OK? Thanks. Bye.

If the guy doesn't know what Gmail is, I don't think I want any emails from him.


Sally Ho said...

ha ha ... that's funny. Are you looking to buy a property? I'm Sally, I had emailed you before regarding fashion design stuff. Currently taking dressmaking at Kadomy after reading your blog. You may email me your requirement at thursal@hotmail.com, I will match some properties within your requirements.

Saggs said...


dot said...

sally - thanks. not looking but thought it would be fun just to check out a preview.

jun said...

hrmmm you could have spelt it out, like g for goat or something, instead of expecting him to know gmail (well i do have friends who don't know about gmail, and i am 21).

dot said...

I expect a certain level of knowledge in this regard. Since he doesn't - I'd prefer not to deal with him.

jun said...

i'd beg to differ. but maybe that's because i am a linguistics student. the onus of effective communication falls on both parties.

Anonymous said...

doesn't sound like a matter of communication in this instance, but rather utilizing selective criteria in determing the likely suitability of a potential service provider - seems perfectly reasonable to expect a certain level of knowledge/awareness when trying to weed out random cold-callers who have a higher probability of wasting one's time...