DOTE Nursing Wear

Woven Label

As if being a full time mum isn't challenging enough, I've decided to make things even more interesting for myself by launching a new label.
DOTE (that's DOT+E) is a new line of nursing wear that I'm currently working on.

While the story behind it is the same - can't find styles I like etc. - I seriously hope that Dote delivers a breath of fresh air to my fellow nursing mums out there. (We have dresses! They're not frumpy!)

It's a couple more months yet, but if you would like to be informed when we launch, or know someone who would, please sign up for our mailing list. Click on the image above to sign up directly at the site or send an email (subject: Dote Mailing List) to dorothy@dotestudio.com


LiN said...

Hi Dorothy!
Wow! A second line...Congrats! Looking forward to it!

Sally Ho said...

Congrats on your new clothing line. I love the design of your label, it looks so pretty and classic. Wish you all the best! Look forward to see your new collection.