Gosh, has it been a month already?!

I'm so not keeping up with the blogging process....it's a little harder with the little one around.

A brief update - the new project is taking longer than anticipated but very exciting...had hoped to reveal a little more but I have to keep everyone in suspense for now. Quite a lot of stuff involved - one of which is learning how to build my own website. I had some very basic knowledge of Dreamweaver (even went for a course at Palin but have forgotten everything since, unfortunately..) so I can fiddle around a bit, with the help of a Dreamweaver guide and the "Help" function in the program. I managed to create a mock homepage - which I was so happy about! But then realised that I would have to create the navigation links using images rather than direct fonts...so need to go figure that out next...

Also have been running around quite a bit for business meetings and also fabric sourcing...so far I've been to "far-flung" places like Eunos and Woodlands, to dusty warehouses and musty smelling industrial estates. All with Ellis in tow - I take her to coffee meetings; I drag her along in her Baby Bjorn carrier to view sample fabrics. Thank goodness the suppliers were all quite baby friendly.


Just got a call from my sewing instructor Lydia today - apparently they ladies at Kadomay are meeting for an alumni gathering! I was so impressed that they actually planned something like this - Lydia even got her contact at Elna to sponsor a sewing machine as a lucky draw prize! Am looking forward to meeting up with the old gang soon...

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Alicia said...

hey it's really WONDERFUL and INSPIRING how you're keeping all these balls in the air! and i can't wait to hear all about the new project, whenever it's going to be launched. i know i'll be a fan :)