This caught my eye at the bookstore - it's by Rachel Zoe, the stylist who's about as famous as the celebs she works for (Nicole Ritchie).

I wanted it and I always rationalise that it's OK to buy such books because of what I do. But in a rare moment of practicality, I held back thinking I should probably check if it could be gotten for cheaper online (Amazon?)

Turns out prices are about the same with shipping, so I'm going back to get it this afternoon. Am anticipating lovely fluffy reading!

a to zoe


Sally Ho said...

Hi, I just attended my 1st lesson at Kadomay dressmaking class this Tues as recommended in your blog. She quite a patient teacher. Thanks for your tips.

AnneJo said...

may i know where am i able to buy this? i been searching for this quite a while...


dot said...

annejo - i saw it at harris bookshop and kino.