Nursery + Study

I can finally put up pictures because I now the deem the nursery to be 90% done.


study before 1

In Progress



I just could not resist this IKEA cabinet when I saw it, although it doesn't store very much - it's not very obvious in this picture, but the top of the cabinet has a very pretty wave like pattern. The crib plus the piglet quilt, and also the new skirting that I made, which now covers the metal frame that supports the mattress and the large drawer underneath.

On the shelves are the Ruby Doll, and a little Aranzi Aronzo bear (looking quite stunned) both made by me. The bootee on the left I knitted some time back, and on the right is a Little Miss Dotty book from Toon, and a stack of pretty floral tea towels I picked up in Chinatown.
ruby doll and bear

A Tiffany piggy with pink spots from Jenny
tiffany pig

And a Gund bear that I gave Kisu some time back
gund bear in nursery

On the adjacent wall, series of Belle & Boo prints bought off Etsy
belle & boo prints

The more boring bit - the opposite side of the room is the study area. I insisted on white furniture (matches the iMac!) and I really love working from here. It's much smaller than what we had before but I like the pared down feeling - it feels less cluttered but I still get easy access to all my work essentials.

Must credit Kisu with building and painting the Tiffany blue wooden box, which I use to store my printing paper, labels and envelopes. Feel most organised with this little cabinet!

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Saggs said...

Sweets, this is a puuuurfect room for the baby. Love the framed pix from Etsy and the hand-made dollies.

It's good you capture the room looking pristine and neat now coz after the Baby arrives - well, let's just say we should have a post-baby shot of the room, eh?