Dotted Line's New Collection

In other news, I'm launching the year end collection for Dotted Line very, very soon.

Obviously, has to be very soon as I could pop anytime. Seriously I should have done all the work preparing for the launch WAY earlier, which was the plan (and there was enough time too). But things did not go according to plan - mainly because I was lazy and did not feel productive and kept putting things off.

Well, anyways... we have a good sized collection this time - I've gone on a vintage-y 60s bend and you'll see some great cocktail dresses for those year end parties!

And can I say I'm dying to get back to pre-pregnancy shape so that I can get into some of the dresses (like the Scallop dress above, which also comes in black/white) - I figure it being shift-y and all, would be a bit forgiving on my post-partum figure.

I'll be closing the online shop from this coming Monday - boo hoo - I will miss all my customers! But I figure no choice, since I'm going into confinement. Don't want to try to hard to be a superwoman.... You will still be able to put in orders online, but we'll be fulfilling orders only in December. [Whatever updates I have will be posted on the Events page of the site so check there ok?]

Please visit our stockists if you'd like to view the clothes. I'll be posting word soon on the site and also to those on the Mailing list once the new stuff is up and ready!

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