Thanks to my generous and indulgent hubby, I now own this hot pink version of those durian stall weighing scales. From Pantry Magic at Holland V. Plus the set of colourful mixing bowls that I use to decorate/store stuff in the workroom (currently as you can see, they're being used to store Envirosax orders)

I'd been thinking of getting a weighing scale ever since I've had to calculate postage for all the parcels I ship. I have a small kitchen one but it's not quite large enough (it only goes to 1kg) for my packages.

When I spotted this one at Pantry Magic, it was love at first sight. The scale also comes in orange and off-white, and probably costs like 10 times what the generic dirty green one does, but I so HAD to have it. And get this - they are all priced differently according to colour! Talk about price differentiation! As luck would have it, the pink scale is the most expensive : (

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