One for the Nursery

In more sewing madness - hot off the sewing machine yesterday - a Ruby Doll for baby sung.

I really, really wanted a cute soft toy for the nursery. Initally I planned to buy something off Etsy, but didn't really find anything that was really to my taste. I also wanted the toy to be of a certain size, and turned out that those were quite pricey after taking into account the adding shipping cost, etc.

So I finally decided to make my own from this free pattern at One Red Robin. A really simple and easy to use pattern! Ruby is mostly machine sewn, with some bits (her face) hand stitched. I was a little worried about the eyes, as they are embroidered on. I haven't got much experience with embroidery so I was concerned that I might get them lopsided, but thankfully they came out fine.

Here she is, sitting contentedly on the window sill....

Ruby Doll d

Ruby Doll a

I know, I know - I've been a little hardcore about this whole sewing for baby thing.
But honestly, I think this is a privilege reserved only for my firstborn. I can't imagine doing this again for the next one!!!

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Jhoanna said...

Your Ruby Doll is just gorgeous - great fabric choices! So glad you decided to try my little pattern :-) Best wishes on the arrival of your precious bub.