Labour of Love

Baby Sung's Finished Quilt

Baby Sung Quilt 2

Closeup of the quilting

Baby Sung Quit Closeup 2

This is truly a labour of love - seemingly easy, but miles more difficult than the quilt I made for Baby Emily, Selena's daughter. The source of all my problems? The red binding going round the sides of this quilt. And to a certain extent, the additional quilting that I did on the squares.

+ I was set on having a red fabric binding - I basically copied this quilt pattern, which I really liked, particularly for the colour combination.

+ Well, the dye of the red fabric I chose ran - ALOT. I don't usually prewash my fabrics (terrible, I know, but I'm just too lazy) but I decided to in this case since baby blankets get washed a lot and you can't dryclean them. The fabric bled SO much, I tried all sorts of stuff including salt and a dye stabilizer. All in all, I think I had to wash & dry this fabric 5 times to make sure that the colour didn't run.

+ I had problems machine sewing on the binding - all the layers together got too thick, and the binding started slipping and sliding, plus I had a hard time getting the top and bottom layers to catch....nevered worked with mitred corners before, so this added to the challenge.

+Decided that I would handsew the binding on for better control - BUT what I didn't expect was that the red fabric weave was super tight - I had problems poking pins and needles through the fabric!!! And I'm not imagining things or making excuses...because my needle went through the khaki fabric adjacent to the red just fine.

+ Given that each side is 84 cm long, with 8 sides to sew (front & back) and each stitch is about 0.5 cm apart - makes a grand total of 1344 stitches. Each and every stitch was a pain...so difficult to get the needle through - and I don't own a thimble, so I now have a sore right thumb and index finger.

This quilt contains my blood and sweat, man!

I literally sweated buckets (not helped by mini heater within me, but mostly due to frustration) and droplets of my blood where I pricked my finger from all the handsewing is littered all over (camouflaged in the red fabric bits)!

But, I'm so glad that I finally finished it - the handsewing alone took me 2 days to complete!

A final shot: Here it is, hanging over the baby's crib.

Baby Sung Quilt on Crib

My next project?

Something from this book :)


Zann said...

That is one beautiful quilt! And one very lucky (and as yet unnamed) baby!

Rachel said...

re: bleeding fabric. have you tried soaking the fabric in weak white vinegar solution for about 10-15 min? not too long or the acid might 'eat away' at the fabric. then put it through a normal wash to get rid of the vinegary smell.
i'm not sure about the proportion (maybe 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water?), but the soak is supposed to maintain the colour of the fabric too. have used it on my completed cross-stitch projects & i think it works.

dot said...

rach - thanks for the tip - i forgot to mention. i did use vinegar as well! But was reading on the web - apparently whether you should use salt or vinegar depends on the type of dye that was used to colour the fabric. in other words - hard to tell....so anyway i did 5 rounds of intensive washing in my machine!

EILEEN LIU said...

it is so beautfully made. it should be the family heirloom. great job !!!

Toon said...

dottty, very cute! First animal your baby learns will be a pig?? probably dream about flying pigs! hehehehe :D

Anonymous said...

Woah, the quilt is awesome! And it's so cute that there are pigs on it especially when your baby is going to be born into the year of the pig.. ;)