Our old study is gone. Cabinets, bookshelves, desk, all.

We finally tore out the inbuilt sliding cabinet that was causing so many problems. It's now a nice spacious recessed area that we can put shelving in.

The room is bare and echoes if you speak in it.

I like the space, the square room - an empty palette with so many possibilities.

All the books, files, stationery and assorted knick knacks amassed over the years are now sitting in the living room, dining room and workroom. Boxes are all over the place. I'm surprised at how much stuff used to fit into that tiny room.

Right now, I'm working off the dining room table, which is where the mac is temporarily situated. I'm just glad that the Internet connection is working from here!

I didn't, as intended, dispose of all unwanted matter before I cleared out the study (with my last minute habits, we managed to clear out only close to midnight last night). So I will have to spend the next few days (while supervising the remaining reno work) decluttering.

I've got the photos, but can't upload them as I can't locate the cable in this mess!

Tomorrow, the room gets painted and after that, decoration - whoo hoo!

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