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After cabinets have been torn down


There used to be a built in sliding cabinet in this awkward corner of the room. Due to its age and weight, it started getting really difficult to open and close. We decided to tear out the cabinet and turn it into a walk in storage area instead. Opening it up like this makes the room feel more spacious. I also like that we're going to have a lamp inside!


After the paint job - intially I was afraid I had gone too yellow, but realised that it was just a shade darker than before after I saw it on the walls. Now I'm thinking I could have been bolder in my choice of colour. On the postive side, at least no rude shocks! But overall, I'm happy with the shade of yellow; it creates a nice, sunny atmosphere in the room.

Next time I have the opportunity to change wall paint, I think I will be more adventurous. Colour does help set the mood of the room immensely and adds more character than plain cream or white walls.


Our little cubbyhole!


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Eugene Caul said...

Great to see the improvement of your room! A good transformation happened! Since you have good windows, you should also choose nice curtains and accessories to bring life into your room.