We have paint!


That's as far as home reno has progressed recently, haha.

We bought a can of paint!

We went to the Nippon paint counter at a DIY store hoping to pick up a colour catalogue to browse at home, but somehow ended up carting back a can of paint instead.

It's been a long time since I've had to buy paint, and I was wondering why the cans of paints on display did not indicate any colours. Later I found out that paint colours are now mixed on the spot. You pick the colour you like off the catalogue, the guy opens a can of generic white paint, plonks it into a funky contraption, keys in the colour code on a compute screen and little squirts of coloured paint are added to the can.

The can then goes into a "shaker", where it is shaken & stirred to mix the colours thoroughly to give you the final shade that you've ordered.

It was kind of funny when choosing the colours, because although I asked Kisu for his input and opinion, I actually already had this vision in my mind of what the finished room will look like and so kept veto-ing all his suggestions which were not consistent with what I wanted. Ah, women :)

In the end he gave up, rolled his eyes and said - You decide! I was momentarily tempted by this Tiffany blue like colour - you know those home decor magazines where you see rooms painted in bold, vibrant hues? - I've always wanted to do something like that, but still chickened out in the end. Suffice to say I'm not very adventurous home decor wise, so what I chose is still pretty neutral. I'm going for a neutral-background-brightened-up-by-pops-of-colour look. Check back on this blog after the reno is done if you want to know what colour I chose, heheh.

Anyways, the remodelling work will start next week. In the meantime I'm going to have to do some packing, and also order new furniture. We've been making quite a number of trips to IKEA for ideas and furniture hunt, so we know pretty much what we want - but I'm looking forward to actually ordering the stuff this time.

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