War on Clutter

I've always been a procrastinator. And it is painfully obvious when it comes to chores and home organisation. If I can put it off, I will.

My laundry, dry from a few days ago, is still hanging on the line.

When I do get round to bringing it in, it will be dumped onto one of my dining room chairs, instead of being folded or ironed and put straight into the closet.

I find it hard to throw stuff out.

"I might need it next time" is always my thought. Or "Such a waste, it still works!" Even if I do manage to cross that mental hurdle and finally bag it, I still have a terrible habit of putting off dumping, giving away or fixing things.

It's enough to create piles of stuff which creeps into our living space. Just refer to my previous post for photographic evidence. I dread the mess, but I also dread the thought of cleaning it out. Usually I let it pile until I feel like I'm drowning in it - that's when I do a zealous cleaning out session. But then it starts all over again.

With the baby coming, I've had no choice but to do something about the current state of affairs, so I've been reading up on decluttering and feeling more motivated to do something to improve our living space.


Looks like a fair bit of folks out there suffer the same "disease" - there are a ton of decluttering experts, theories and help guides to be found.

Check this out for a dramatic example of decluttering.
Here are some of the tips I've picked up:

+ Do it gradually. Less intimidating that way.
+ Go for small declutter sessions. Tackle 1 drawer, or 1 table. Keep it to 30 minutes to avoid burnout.
+ Do it regularly.
+ Apply the 4-box method: Put Away, Store, Throw, or Give Away. Dump the Throw box immediately. Give Away box must be followed through within 2 weeks, otherwise dump it.


Wish me luck.

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