Too much IKEA

A lapse in posting as I'm busy with finishing up the home improvement....not putting pictures up yet as I still have some decorating to do.

We've been to IKEA just too many times this past week...maybe 5 times already?! We've got all our furniture, but now looking for storage solutions (boxes, bins, trays, organisers) etc to make things even more efficient around here.

I'm very pleased with the home improvement results - we have been decluttering like crazy! Place looks much cleaner and neater now - I feel like a weight has been lifted off me. Every evening I put out several bags of trash after clearing out stuff. Kisu and I spend a lot of time just staring at our new shelves, marvelling at how they have helped organise our lives.

Spending a lot of time surfing the web for home decor items to buy, particularly for the nursery and the workroom. (honestly, I haven't really packed the workroom yet but the Expedit shelf is a great start in keeping things looking more sane in there). Have been spending time on Etsy (which features indie craftsters who make all their own products) looking for baby toys and illustrations.

There are also all these home decor items that I want to sew - inspired by things that I've found on the web, like this sewing machine cover (oops plus find time to finish up that baby quilt). IKEA sells some brown fabric that looks like this (very Zakka-ish), but I didn't buy it yesterday. I should have..looks like I have to pay another visit to the store!

Also I think I'm now addicted to paint, or rather bright paint colours. Managed to convince Kisu to help me paint my mirror and folding table made of unfinished wood from IKEA - hee hee! I picked up a Tiffany blue can of paint yesterday (at the Home Fix at IKEA...) so I'm hoping that it will add a much needed blast of colour to the home.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dot, I have exactly the same Expedit shelf in my living room and I use it as at divider between my doorway and the living room. also good to use it to store my son's toys...I really love this shelf. Cheers, Kathleen