Slight hitch..

...in the home remodelling plan.

We have a glitch along one of the critical paths: getting rid of the old furniture.

As I posted before, I had initially tried to sell our sofabed and sideboard (to hopefully offset some of the reno cost) but no luck. I had one lady come to view the sideboard and rejecting it because it wasn't "perfect" - it has a chip on the bottom of one of the cabinet doors.

I gave myself a one week deadline and decided that if no one bites by then, I would donate it to the Salvation Army. I am under the impression (based on their website info) that the SA picks up bulky furniture donations. It is now 2 days post deadline and I have been unable to get through to their main line which is how you would arrange for the pickup.

An email to Teen Challenge turned out disappointing - while they do accept furniture donations, they can't take in any new items at the moment as their centre is undergoing renovation!

Does anyone know of how to get through to the SA? Or of any organisations/charities/folks who might want such items and are willing to pick them up?

Because my last option is to pay to have them disposed of - which would be a pity as they are both still in really good shape.

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Sonicstarburst said...

Hi Dot,

You may want to try ACRES - the animal welfare group. When my uncle passed away in May and my cousins closed up the house, we gave some furniture to them. I know they are raising funds for their animal sanctuary. I lost my HP, hence the numbers. You could try the net for their info.