September 2007 Collection Launch Party

hiho, thank you to all you ladies who came down yesterday and shopped your hearts out!

We had an exhausting but successful afternoon, especially with the queues at the changing rooms!

Phew, tired out after doing all the photo resizing and uploading.....

Launch 0709 Sept07_02

Launch 0709 Sept07_17

Launch 0709 Sept07_39

Launch 0709 Sept07_12

Launch 0709 Sept07_24

Launch 0709 Sept07_23

Ladies browsing..
Launch 0709 Sept07_20

Food for famished shoppers
Launch 0709 Sept07_18

With Esther and Shimian
Launch 0709 Sept07_38

Dottie & Stephie of Fashion Nation
Launch 0709 Sept07_35

Ringing up the register...
Launch 0709 Sept07_31

Stella and the lovely flowers she brought for me - so sweet of you, Stella!
Launch 0709 Sept07_41

With the Swirl girls - big elf Priscilla, me and head elf Suzanne (L-R).
This was after the crowd thinned out and we were able to put our legs up for a well needed rest!
Launch 0709 Sept07_45

Rest of the pics are here....oh and I've just created a Dotted Line facebook group (photos are there too) - so do join!

Many thanks to everyone who made the time to drop by (and BUY!), Suzanne & Evelyn for letting me use their beautiful premises, Suzanne & Priscilla for helping out and last but not least Kisu for being the "unobstrusive" photographer for the afternoon.

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