On the Homefront

We've got a date pinned down: our mini home remodelling project is going to begin middle of this month.

This will include:

+ Tearing down the built-in cabinets in the study and repainting it to make way for the baby's crib, and new furniture to create a nursery-study.

study before 1

+ Do away with our clunky (solid but takes up a lot of space) sofabed in the workroom (where the crib now takes centrestage) and replace it with shelving to give me more storage area and and organised space to work in.

workroom before 2

room: that's my drafting table squashed right against the wall in a corner. with the crib in there, I can't use the table.
workroom before 1

sofabed: there used to be piles and piles of plastic bags full of fabric and baby items all over this sofa. I cleared that yesterday.
workroom before 3

+ Move my industrial sewing machine from the living room to the workroom.

+ Create storage in our dining area by installing wall to ceiling shelving along one wall where we currently have a sideboard.

I've got so many ideas for the rooms - I want to get pictures to decorate the walls, and make pretty home decor items.....but we'll see if time permits.


You can see from the pictures what a mess the apartment is in.

Last Sunday morning was spent clearing out stuff from the workroom. Unused fabric and leftover fabric scraps were donated to the Makisquarepatch girls. Hope they will find better use for them there; I would hate to throw good fabric away. After all that work, I only managed to clear up the piles of junk that had been sitting on the sofabed. I forgot to take a picture, but just imagine piles of plastic bags strewn higgledy-piggledy over the seat.

As I was packing, I was glad that we had made the decision to revamp the rooms.

Other general items that we don't use were bagged for the Salvation army. I made sure to get rid of the items the same day that I cleared them.

And I took pictures of our sideboard and sofabed which we put up for sale on Cold Storage's Buy & Sell noticeboard. I'm giving it a week, if there are no takers, I'm going to donate to the SA.

p/s: if you're wondering why i have such a funky floral sofabed, it's a hand me down from my parents place. Not something I would pick if given a choice. Concession though, is that it is a damn solid piece of furniture that has served me well, as it's German made.


yun-jo said...

sigh, that sofabed was great! i will miss it when it's gone for good...

maki ♥ squarepatch said...

thank you again Dorothy!!!! we love the fabrics. you'll soon be able to see them on our stuff :)))

dot said...

hi maki girls, you're most welcome - glad the fabrics will be recycled/put to good use!