Poke me!

I have finally caved.

What am I talking about?

That dratted Facebook of course, which seems to have taken hold of the world (at least seems that way to me) by storm.

It is not even the teeny boppers, whom I imagine are most susceptible to such influences. As testament to the power of Facebook, it is my dear fellow 30-somethings who are caught up in sending each other pokes, donuts and whatnots via cyberspace.


After getting inundated by invite after invite to join, and finally being convinced of its potential benefit to my social life, I registered yesterday.

As of now, I have 12 friends, am part of 1 group and 2 networks.

I'm still trying to figure how things work around the site, and what other mindless (but oh so fun) stuff I can add to my page. So do forgive if I send you repeated friend invitations or do something similarly silly.

But please, no Friendster, ok. One is more than enough for me to handle.

Oh, and do add me as a friend of course, if you are on it :)
If you are not, join in the fun so I can send you a poke!

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