Who knew a new ironing board cover could make me so happy?

Home Improvement

Finally got rid of my grotty ironing board cover - I've been meaning to change it for ages, but was lazy and kept putting it off until a hole appeared over the last couple days when I was working on my patchwork blankie project.

The old - gross eh? I think the cover is more than 10 years old (!!!) Yes, I can be a real procrastinator when I want to.


The new - cover cost me $15 at Home Fix.


I actually considered making a new ironing board cover, ala Jenny Gordy. Isn't hers pretty?? But decided it wasn't worth the effort, especially since most of the time it's the maid who winds up using the ironing board. I might do it if I had a dedicated craft/ project ironing board.

So it's not covered in beautiful fabric like hers is, but I'm quite happy with my choice of cover. The colourful flowers cheer me up when I see them :) Took me a while to go through the various designs at the store before I found something I liked - there are some seriously ugly fabric covers out there, people! Have you gone shopping for ironing board covers recently?? I don't know who designs the things, but obviously not a lot of design-thought goes into them. Most of them looked like mouldy, ratty old fashioned curtains.


Craft Room Envy

Again, inspired by Jenny's studio improvement - just check out these amazing before & after pictures - I'm dying to redo my drafting room. Right now it is just a complete mess. You won't believe it till you see it. There are a pile of clothes and hangers on racks, plastic bags stacked all over, and the baby's crib is right in the middle. There is hardly any space to move, literally. I avoid that room at all cost.

My dream is to have a dedicated workshop at home - oh the bliss! I am perpetually lusting after all those gorgeous rooms that I see on other people's blogs.

Things have been complicated by baby's impending arrival (because it means we also have to accomodate a nursery within our already limited space) - but I think I may have found a way to reconfigure things....and a proper workshop may very well be possible. So that's one of my projects coming up - home remodelling! I'm trying to get hold of a contractor to give me a quote, and if the figure is feasible, then I think we'll go ahead.


Baby sung's blankie is progressing nicely - I'm just short of doing the quilting, putting in the flannel backing and doing up the edge binding. I saw this beautiful doll quilt on Craftster and just fell in love with the colour scheme, so I created a quilt plan based on the same colour combination and pattern. Just that mine is a lot larger - the doll quilt is 9.5" square while mine is about 33" square. There are a lot less patchwork squares that Selena's but a little bit more quilt work.


Was at Spotlight last Thursday to buy the flannel and ended up with one that's white with teensy baby blue polka dots. Quite disappointed actually with their selection of stuff. The flannels were all too typically baby-ish. Full of bears and ducks and overall not a cool look for baby at all. (check out this site for what I consider cool baby stuff - cute but not too cute-sy)
I was also hoping to find some nice patchwork fabric that I could use but I didn't find anything that even vaguely caught my eye. Honestly, the choices there looked like something that my grandma would use. Golden Dragon is way, way better for such stuff.


Finally got my hands on One-Skein Wonders by Judith Durant that Kisu brought back with him from NY. I ordered it off Amazon after fruitless searches for the book at Kino, Borders and Page One here.

I'm working on this pattern, shown here. Am midway through the 2nd bootie, and promise that a picture will be coming up real soon!



...for those who bother reading all the way down to the bottom of the post: I'm trying to arrange a launch party for the upcoming new collection of Dotted Line clothes - I'm gunning for early September, so keep a lookout. I'll update again here once I confirm anything!


Saggs said...

Ok, yes, I got to the bottom. :) Great work on the botties! They're adorable! Perhaps baby can wear them when you bring her to visit her paternal grandparents? whenever that is?


Mel said...

nice blog! :) i came across your shop while searching for environsax - i totally agree golden dragon has lovely fabric!