We have a tentative date...

It's going to be Sunday, 9th September for Dotted Line's new collection launch party so do keep the date free if you'd like to be the first to view the new stuff.

The Swirl girls have very kindly offered me the use of their premises (so you can shop for even more goodies!!) , and it will be held sometime in the afternoon, although I haven't decided on the actual timing yet.

(BTW, Evelyn has just popped! Congratulations to the brand new mommy to baby Oliver!)

I'll be updating here as and when more details are finalised, and sending out a mailer with full details closer to the actual date. (I know that I'm updating you guys in bits and bobs, but I just wanted to keep everyone informed of the progress along the way :))

Oh my goodness, and I haven't even taken any photos of the clothes or started updating the website yet! Yikes, stress!

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Sonicstarburst said...

Hi Dot!

How are you doing? I can't wait to preview your new stuff and to see you. Do congratulate Evelyn for me; turns out we were at NIE together!

Keep in touch!