Tired but Crafty Again...

I am so sleepy...

Without Kisu around, I've been up late watching TV or surfing and sleeping way too late.
Have been up late the past few days and not really sleeping in, in the mornings.

And today I've got to go to Chinatown to pick up supplies - this coming week I'm doing more samples so I need to get my goods today. But I so don't feel like going 'cos I'm soooooo tired ...

Just yesterday I embarked on a new crafting project (not the clasp purse - that I'll do this week probably after I buy the purse frames at Golden Dragon today)

Here's a little picture of the work in progress - it's coming off much faster than I expected so I'm quite glad. I think the time I spent on planning helped. That was what kept me up late yesterday at my sewing machine...I'd forgotten how good it feels to sew! (Was watching Full House again for like the 4th time as I was cutting and pinning stuff together)

craft project

It's a patchwork project as you can see, and this is just #1 of 2. There's a bit of a story to the fabric I'm working with (they are all genuine vintage fabric pieces) , but I'll blog about it later when it's all done up. Hope to finish it up in the coming week and post pictures soon.

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