More Crafty Bits....

Am back!

It was a fruitful trip to Chinatown, although my feet are now killing me. I've grown at a clip these last 2 weeks so I'm now feeling the increased weight and can't walk for too long.

Very happy with what I got today - I actually found more stuff that I thought I would - initially thought I might have to go down to Spotlight for some of the supplies. (I might still pop down this week just to see what else I can pick up) But look at what I returned with!

Patchwork fabric from Japan and USA at Golden Dragon, and the clasp purse frame. I had visualised my purse with a metal frame, but the ones they had were too small or too weird (i.e. I wouldn't know how to use it - the gap for the fabric was on the top edge of the frame???) So I settled for these faux tortoiseshell ones ($4.50) instead. I figured they would look quite retro - now just to find the right fabric for my purse.

And I just had to have the red piggy fabric - it's perfect for making something for my little piglet!

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Saggs said...

very pretty fabric! And u know that bit about watching 'Full House' for the 4th time? dammit, you make me wanna watch it and I can't?!!! Hmm, wait, better check YouTube.

Bleh anyhow!

LiN said...

WoW...that reminds me its been ages since I went craft supplies shopping. BTW, Yummy nice fabric! Esp the red mushroom.