I made this "watching" Full House...

On me couch

baby blankie 2

Orange Flannel on the flip side

baby blankie 1

Closeup of the patchwork square

baby blankie closeup

baby blankie 3

I just finished this afternoon. Spent a lot of time pausing the show - when I actually had to sew, and resuming - when I needed to pin or iron seams! It's a patchwork baby blanket for Selena's baby due in October. I'm posting it before I give it to her because she tells me that she doesn't read my blog so it should still be a surprise for her!

The patchwork is made from various scraps from her grandma's vintage fabric collection. Sel donated a bunch to me some time back to make bags and such. Lazy me never actually did anything with them - until 3 days ago where I thought it might make a meaningful keepsake for her. It's got quilt batting in between, and a flannel backing so it's cozy for baby.

My first time (not counting some really ugly patchwork thing I did in Home Econs aeons ago) doing patchwork with different sized fabric pieces, and also attempting "quilting". I drafted the pattern on an Excel grid before executing the pattern. Also kept measuring to make sure that I had the right dimensions, and the right number of pieces. With this sort of stuff, it's just too easy to make some kind of mistake - I had to grit my teeth and rip off a couple seams along the way like at 1 in the morning.

I didn't do full blown quilting -I don't think I could have handled that - but I did sew 2 square stitch lines joining the patchwork and the batting so that the batting wouldn't shift. I used the lightest quilt batting that I found at Golden Dragon - only makes sense in this hot weather of ours; and also it made the sewing much easier. There was very little bunching (what I would expect if the batting is thick) and I didn't have to use any special footers or equipment.

I'm going to be making another one soon, for my baby - that's what the red piggy fabric is for :) I don't know if I will end up using it; I'm meaning for it to be more of a keepsake; a memento of her birth.


Alicia said...

This is beeoooteeful!

How It started? said...

Hi, get to know about you thru' Career Blueprint, and since then, had been following up reading your blog..... :)

This is really beautiful, & i love the colours..... so bright & cheerful! :)

Saggs said...

It's gorgeous! Selena's baby is sooo lucky! And baby Sung, too, of course :)

CHIO said...

It's so beautiful! Am sure Selena (and baby!) will love it! =) Separately, can't wait for your new Dotted Line collection! So exciting! =)

@pple said...

Where can I get to buy the orange flannel? I like the colour so much want to do for my friend's baby. =)

dot said...

hi @pple, I got mine at the fabric stores at chinatown - they are on the 2nd floor above the hawker centre next to OG.