Baby Booties

Finished faster than I expected.

Be-ribboned Booties pattern from One-Skien Wonders, Judith Durant

Knitted up in an easy garter stitch, over 2 evenings and 1 afternoon
baby sung knitted bootie

Side View
baby sung knitted bootie 4

Given the weather here, I don't think she might get a chance to use it at all, but it'll be nice as a decorative item for the (hopefully soon to be) nursery, at least!

** There are some mistakes in there, but I decided to just "Make it Work" - my favourite Tim Gunn-ism, and have (cleverly, or so I think) hidden them out of view when taking the photos **

1 comment:

Yuen-Lyn said...

OMIGOSH! they look perfect, every single stich! i could never get knitting (or any craft for that matter) to look like what it's suppose to in the pictures!

can wait for the launch of Dotted Line's next season =)