The Long Delayed Post: Bangkok Trip 14-18 June '07

We flew in on a Thursday night and returned Monday night.

I wanted a nice relaxing holiday and I'd been keen to check out The Eugenia hotel, ever since I read about on Chubby Hubby's blog. We booked ourselves into the Sawadee suite of the 12-room boutique hotel, and it turned out to be as charming as we expected. It's a refurbished 3 storey colonial style house in the busy Sukhumvit area (behind the Emporium shopping mall).

The Eugenia

Very quaint, and very personalised service - there were hardly any guests when we first arrived, so we felt like a very rich couple in our big ol' house being tended to by our personal butlers! Full of old world charm, it's small, cosy and decorated with the owner's personal furniture and knick knacks. He/she appears to have a penchant for animals, going by the animal skins and heads (and even a wall of bugs) that adorn the various corners of the hotel.


Kisu nicknamed the croc skin lying on the 2nd floor bench Carl and the woefully trodden zebra hide (including head) in the reception area, Zed.

The Croc!

& Zed
Poor Zed

Wall of bugs - I had to walk past this several times a day because it was on the staircase landing, gross! If you want to see a closeup...

The room
Room 1


Room 2

Old fashioned light switches
Switch 2

Aluminium bathtub

Outside the room, in the courtyard

Courtyard by night


Kisu on the 2nd floor
Kisu 2

The pool
Pool 2


Us 2

There is also a fleet of vintage cars, part of the owner's collection which is used to shuttle guests to and from the airport. We had the luxury of using the Mercedes 220 on our trip.

Me with the Benz
The Benz

This trip was spent mainly walking around (almost ALL of it at the gigantic Siam Paragon - that must be our favourite place in Bangkok) and eating. Although I usually spend the majority of my shopping time in Bangkok combing through Siam Square and Chatuchak, this time I was in no mood to endure the heat. Couldn't do any massages either :( one of my favourite indulgences whenever I'm in Bangkok.

We did manage to meet up with Sham, who's just moved to Bangkok for work.

Discovered a Korean butcher's shop nearby our hotel the first day we were wandering around. Not something I would have expected in Bangkok!
Korean Meat Shop in BKK

A club frontage along another street near the hotel. That was one dodgy looking street!
The Sphinx!

Outside Zannotti's at Saladaeng, one of the best Italian restaurants in the city. We had lunch there - try the parma ham pizza, rich, gooey and damn good!

One of the places that we spent a LOT of time at was the Siam Paragon food hall and supermarket, which like the mall, is huge. Actually it's quite a lovely supermarket because there are so many things there and the aisles are wide and really comfortable to walk around in. Here, Kisu was so fascinated by the variety and quantity of toothbrushes and oral products that he made me take a picture with the toothbrush aisle. (I think he has been away from the US for too long; he must have forgotten what hypermarts look like)
Toothbrushes Galore

Ate a lot of this on this trip. Can't resist mangoes! This one was from the dinner place that we went to with Sham. Near the Conrad hotel, think the restaurant was called Curries and More or something like that.
Mango Sticky Rice

With Sham, at Sirocco. Sirocco is located on the 48th (I think) floor of a hotel and we were seated at the outdoor section which was really breezy and gives you a great view of the Bangkok night scene.
Sham & Dot at Sirocco

BKK Nightscene from Sirocco 2

Other random shots

MK Gold at Siam Paragon for cheap and fresh steamboat
MK Gold!

Outside one of my favourite cafes, Vanilla Brasserie

...where they serve really tasty homemade icecream - this one's blackforest flavoured
Homemade Icecream

All in all, a nice and relaxing trip. Also a relatively "cool" one, thanks to the great airconditioning at Siam Paragon! I guess this will be considered our "Babymoon" since it's going to be a while before I am able to travel again!

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