hmmm....another one?

harro everybody!

posting has been slow lately as I've been taking a break ever since my part for the upcoming collection is pretty much done. Now all in the seamstress's hands till the stock is handed over and I begin the process of updating inventory,pricing, tagging, photographing, updating website, delivering goods, etc etc.

Plus that long overdue bangkok post is hovering at the back of my mind...just looking at the numerous photos is making me feel very lazy to post! but i will do soon.

I've decided to challenge myself to start work on another collection - the upcoming one that I've been working on I hope to have ready in aug/sept. But now I'm thinking about another one for year end/holiday season.

Initially I thought I'd just finish work on this upcoming one and then take it easy all the way till delivery date. But I actually do have just enough time to squeeze in one more collection if I work very hard and things go smoothly according to schedule (hopefully work like mad and get everything ready just before delivery).

So the process starts again, designing (which I've done the bulk of), finding fabric, sampling etc. It's quite easy to get into the swing of things as long as I've got the right motivation - designs and fabric that excite me - once those are in place, I just can't wait to see the designs translate from paper to actual clothes!

If all goes well, there will be a bumper crop of Dotted Line stuff out in the next few months! Wish me luck, heh!


Alicia said...

I'm dying to see the new collectionS!!!

Sonicstarburst said...

Hi Dot,

Can you do PLUS sizes? Seem to be getting larger even though I do more running around. Still doing part time teaching but also helping at friend's boutique!